Carl Constantin Weber


ten teahouses volume & detail elective experiment in theory and practice

volume and detail — in theory and practice

elective by Jasper Cepl /theory, C. Constantin Weber /sculpture

In this joint elective, theory and practice will unite to explore the relationship between volume and detail in architecture.

Tuesday evenings (6.30–8.00 pm) will be reserved for lectures, reading, and discussions; Wednesday mornings (10.00–11.30 am) will be spent in the sculpture studio. While Jasper Cepl will be responsible for the theory part, Constantin Weber will supervise work in the studio.

Our topic is the relationship between large scale and small detail. When does a design gain vivid vibrancy? How can we establish scale and size? What means are there to modulate the surface of a building? How can we articulate a volume with the means of mouldings, textures, materials, etc.? How do these interventions relate to the building’s construction, or to the need to make it visually pleasing? What role do light and shadow play in structuring the building’s surface? These are some of the questions we want to draw attention to.

In the theory part, we will discuss different theories and positions contemplating questions like the ones mentioned above. In the sculpture studio, you will design a small building — first in hand drawn sketches and preliminary clay models, and then in plaster models of the final design. Work will be totally ‘unplugged’, i.e. without any digital means!

With theoretical analysis and sculpting experience going hand in hand, the aim is to produce a 3-dimensional object that comments on the relationship between volume and detail in architecture.

plaster models by Pavlo Babiienko, Luis Cedeno Cenci, Chun Shao, Ivan Haiman, Duane Harry, Veronika Zapukhla, Oleksandra Kryvtsova, Arpi Mangasaryan, Anastasija Palagina, Orlen Ramzoti