Carl Constantin Weber


elective: cars and curves, drawing and design

There is a miracle, most people can‘t draw cars, as well those one who can draw normally quite well… the results looks always like soap boxes.
A car is something in between a cubic box and a creature. It is designed by a mixture of resistance linear and curvy elements. So it is very illuminative to ana- lyse the design of cars to learn the basic knowledges of bowings and curves, especially for architects.
When a curvy shape make sense and which conditions do you need to control them? It is not enough to learn the use of modern modelling software, to work with curves. We try to come closer to the phenomena of curves by using the knowledge of perception.
In this class we draw every week an existing car with pencil and copy markers. As well make a lot of 3-dimensional sketch in clay (for plaster) and analyse the idea of design.
Finally you design your own car idea and make a fancy model.