Carl Constantin Weber


dancing volume, triadic porcelain, 4.0

results elective
internationaler Master DIA
SS 2019



Jayalakshmi Vallath Nikihjan, Arita Dreshaj, Valerya Chuprova, Queena Hui Mei Ler, Nora Yeuk Mei Chan, Yulg Shuk Yee Woo

idea, concept

Prof. Carl Constantin Weber

technical support

Thomas Adam, Klein Machnow


The Triadic Ballet from Burger, Hötzel, Schlemmer is inspiring our sculptur class this semester.

The extrem costume interpretaion in this ballet is a great challenge for dancers, they are forced to shift the whole dancing technic. They have to find new expression and interpretation to translate there ideas into a different language. To translate ideas into a different medium is the target. 

You will work with clay, plaster, porcelain and colors. 

You should design a dancing figure, which is dealing with unusual geometry, color and volume. 

To make a sculpture vivid and spatial is not the same as what makes a dancer lively.   

The background of this idea, the shift into another subject, offers an easier way to win three-dimensional criteria, perhaps more than by designing a building with functions.

Porcelain is a precise and sensual material, but quite sensitive. The static needs from porcelain will force you to design always a „good curve“ and find good links when you combine volumes.

One last word. In this Subject you have in every moment analog materials directly in your hand, what makes it necessary to have a continues workload, week by week. As well you have to work, beside the timetable, self-reliant with your object. Your self-reliant progress in between the class is the fundament to support you.