Carl Constantin Weber


massive structure

The idea of this course is to improve sensibility for de- tails in 3-dimensional objects (this applies to houses as well as sculptures).
Fine tuned details give large structures individuality and a certain timeless quality. However the courage needed to create those details is rarely to be found and needs therefore support and encouragement.
Normally, when designing a skeleton structure it is sensible to reduce material. The purpose is to obtain a maximum of volume and structural strength by using a minimum of material.
This course will explore the opposite strategy by creating a structured vertical volume.
We try to minimize the openings in proportion to ma- terial. As raw material we will be using basic shapes like toy bricks. These generic structural elements will be used to create a integrated volume. The visual di- versity of this object should be realised by variations in direction and thickness of the material.
By using only one material helps to focus on crea- ting sculptural solutions by applying a surface pattern that extends around the model. These experiences will help to improve the detail-developing abilities.
Designing of two objects made by wood.
• First Step
The first object should use the idea of openings, so that the vertical volume could breath and give us the option to look trough it. It will also contain an inner space.
• Second step
The second object is completely compact. It may show some holes, but never allow views trough the volume. The holes are merely shadow zones that allow to cre- ate a relief.